Our most epic TD game ever

2012-08-16 12:58:42 by soapcreative

We just launched our new Expendables 2: Deploy & Destroy TD game with special guest voice Ricepirate (we love working with this crazy guy)

We're also mid way through another IOS title. Currently called the "Unnamed Space game" here's a sneake peak. Coming to iPad and iPhone. It's pixelly awesome.

We've had a busy month creating 3 games with varying success of meeting the vision we set out.

Smash 'Em Cricket is the simplest game and has been well received. My highest score in classic is still just 26.
The average game play time is 19 minutes due to the simple but additive nature of smashing a ball.

We also recorded a bunch of funny commentary but it was never added. We decided to keep the file size as small as possible.

Melon Mango Mayhem is much more cimplicated but contains a lot of cute animations and plays well. It was a tested game format and we had fun with the level design.

Then there's Chronobot which probably didn't live up to the vision we had imagined. It's still fun but the whole time based and multiple cursors took a back seat to a more tricky cursor style game. This is one game we'll come back to later and crack in a sequel.

On the much larger scale we also published Racer Rush for Lucas Arts and Fox. You'll need a beefy machine to play it but it's one of the best racer games we've made.

And we also revamped our games section on our site. In super sexy HTML5. It's funny looking back on all those games the good and the bad ones and which ones have gone onto to receive 60+ million plays.

We're also less than a month away from our first proper AAA iPhone title to be released through Chillingo on Feb 9. Keep an eye out for Diggin' Dogs it's going to be huge! The dogs and most of the SFX are voiced by none other than Ricepirate. He's been a pleasure to work with.

So 2012 is going to be a big year for us and hopefully the start of our iPhone games devision. Stay tuned

Throwing Tic Tacs and Smashing Balls

I'm not sire why it took so long for us to create a Newgrounds account as we've been big fans even before we started a company but after 6 years of running a business we'd thought we'd post stuff on Newgrounds and use this as a place to post work we have created for ourselves not clients.

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